Sweat. Once a day.
or maybe two or three times.


Shake up your sweat style with some of London’s best studios, practice your asanas with global and local ambassadors, perfect your form with Crossfit workshops, or even go run clubbing. The day is your oyster! Dip your toe in the world of rowing with a workshop led by a former Olympian, paddle your way to the top in a ping pong tournament, and take a nice, long soak in a gong bath. Keep the good times rolling and get mindful in motion on the meditation bus, or toss it all together and try a mindful triathlon (that’s run / yoga / meditate – for those who aren’t familiar). The sky’s the limit, so stack your schedule with whatever tickles your fancy and come get sweaty, get inspired, and grab a beer with us.



Join some of London’s best studios and get your sweat on – whether it’s a new workout or you’re perfecting your form, there’s no shortage of variety in this lineup. The hardest part (other than your abs) will be picking which ones to try. Don’t forget to hydrate – these aren’t some taster classes; they’re the real deal!



When two muscle-quivering workouts come together, you know you’re in for a good sweat. BandForce brings you a unique way to train your whole body using a rubber band while myPilates will get your heart rate up with an innovative device called the Motr. Together, they’re the ultimate test in strength, stability and resilience.



As the original indoor bootcamp, Barry’s is infamous for getting those endorphins rushing using a heart-pumping combo of cardio and strength exercises to shock your body. Complete with nightclub beats and red lighting, you can be sure you won’t experience a workout like this again.



Reshape, rebalance and rev (your metabolism) –– Breathe Studios serves up all-encompassing functional group training classes using compound movements to give you a sweat-filled session. The aim of the game? Create lean, functional and fat-burning physiques that are ready for anything.



Think farmers walks, sled dragging, tire-flipping and you’ve got City Strongman. You’ll find yourself screaming for words of encouragement and dripping with sweat in this heart-pumping class that leaves you with a huge sense of achievement. It’s a great example of the values The Foundry stands for––hard work, community and a bloody good laugh.



Keeping fit and healthy should never feel like a chore and with FRAME, it certainly doesn’t. Known for feel-good, energetic classes, FRAME gets your blood pumping and feet dancing like it’s 1999 in high-intensity classes. Need to decompress? Get zen instead with one of their restorative workouts for the mind.



Summer is coming and so is that six-pack with Heartcore Row, a full body workout that combines rowing intervals, core exercises on the rower and TRX moves. No muscle will be forgotten in this effective class. New to rowing? You’re in luck––these guys are pros and will teach you everything you need to know.



Kobox delivers an authentic boxing experience where “Fight Club meets Nightclub”. Classes fuse full body conditioning with boxing training on revolutionary water filled bags. Whether you’re a pro or have never boxed before, get ready to knockout an awesome workout.



With Lift: The movement, there’s no need for a traditional gym. As movement specialists, Lift aims to redefine fitness as we know it by building and restoring bodies with an innovative bodyweight approach. Learn to master the handstand or conquer the muscle-ups in these technical classes.


When two muscle-quivering workouts come together, you know you’re in for a good sweat. BandForce brings you a unique way to train your whole body using a rubber band while myPilates will get your heart rate up with an innovative device called the Motr. Together, they’re the ultimate test in strength, stability and resilience.


Perpetua is a world class functional fitness facility that takes a personalised approach to training. With coaches having over 50 years of combined experience, you know you’re in good hands. Build strength, work up a sweat and train holistically for health and wellness both inside and outside of the gym.


Psycle London is more than just a workout, it's about people, connection, strength and community. We're about feeling good, igniting your passion and finding the fun in movement. We set intentions before we sweat and give gratitude after. We challenge ourselves to strengthen not only our bodies but also our minds. We work hard because we want to be healthy and happy every day. Our classes will push your boundaries, test your limits and show you how powerful you already are. Our unique Ride, Barre, Hiit and yoga classes will free your mind, help you connect with your body and be part of our inspiring community. 


Test your fitness, unleash your power and hone your skills with RowingWOD. Combining high-intensity rowing with technical drills, power strokes and movements off the rowing machine, you'll build to race readiness and compete to be the first crew over the finish line. Master your stroke, mind and the machine.



Welcome to UN1T, a strength and conditioning studio that blends the golden trifecta of cardio, strength, and mobility with team training. The signature class, Trooper, is a challenging circuit but with a competitive twist. It's a united effort across the floor with motivation from your fellow members pushing you to go the extra mile.



Join Xtend Barre for their world-famous workout which combines dance, ballet and Pilates. You’ll get your heart racing, feel the ballet burn and have a blast. Not a dancer? No problem––see you at the barre. 



Get ready for an action packed session of hard work that will leave you hot, sweaty and flat on your back. This is your time to lift heavy and test your strength. Push, pull, carry and squat your way to being strong and fit. 


Yoga. Practice. REPEAT.



Yoga. It’s at our core, it’s where we come from, and it’s still what gets us saluting the sun in the morning. Join some of our global and local ambassadors for a practice that packs some major punch. Ever practiced with 200 people? It’s a game changer. Trust us.



Acroyoga, not to be confused with party tricks. Anna’s classes are challenging, dynamic and fast-paced, mirroring her passion for backbends, arm balances and inversions. Slide in her thai massage background, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly balanced class. Anna has a background in classical ballet, dance and long-distance running and at the time when she qualified, was the youngest certified acroyoga teacher in the world.



Spitalfields Ambassador Annie Clarke is a yoga teacher, author and founder of lifestyle and wellbeing blog Mind Body Bowl.  Creative and playful, Annie's classes are open level, designed to offer something for everyone. You'll be encouraged to flow mindfully and will no doubt leave feeling lighter in body and mind. Take what you need and leave the rest without judgement or expectation around your self, your body or the practice. 



Chris is Head of Yoga at Another_Space. Through yoga and the world around us he inspires people to reach their potential and live fuller lives both physically and mentally. Chris first discovered yoga whilst training as a professional actor, and was transformed into a yoga-pro whilst seeking rehabilitation for an injury sustained during his years as a rugby player and martial artist. He’s taught around the world and his unique style focuses on a smooth transition from the yoga mat to real life application

Chris brings a unique ability to connect with his students, an infectious sense of humour, and an unwavering commitment to greatness in everything he does.






An experienced international instructor, based in London.  Emily believes in all qualities and lessons of a yoga practice and tries to incorporate yoga into every aspect of her life.  Balance and Experience two of Emily’s favourite words…she tries to live by and teach by. Teaching a fun dynamic stretchy practice with fluid mindful technique, empowering her students to experience all aspects of the practice and open themselves to their journey. 




Helen originally trained as an actor and discovered yoga as an integral tool to calm the mind in high pressure situations and lifestyle.  Expect her to guide you through you a dynamic class that will make you sweat, full of light, playfulness and grounded in Yogic philosophy. Her aim is to guide others to experiencing the many amazing benefits of yoga for both body and mind.



Katy's classes are creative, playful and dynamic and (using the principles of Anusara Yoga), emphasises proper use of breath and alignment to encourage a safe and playful practice. Katy's teaching inspires connection so expect some fun partner work to take your practice deeper.



Mona is dedicated to living her yoga with heart, and to teaching with a commitment to the ancient traditions of yoga. She attends continuing education workshops and study groups, and is devoted to the on-going learning experience of being teacher and practitioner. The co-founder of OM River Yoga, she has taught in and managed various studios and retreat centres in the US, Australia, and Indonesia. Currently Mona lives in London, and teaches for Yoga Today, an online studio filmed and based in beautiful Wyoming, USA..



lululemon global yoga ambassador Ryan Leir practices and teaches to bring mental and physical health, presence, power, peace, and love to himself and the planet.  Expect an incredibly sweaty Vinyasa Flow and his ability to crack our hearts opens.  Not to mention, his playlists are the best


Gyal Flex - Hip Hop Yoga & Meditation

Sanchia Legister, is a well known member of the global urban running movement with half, full and ultra marathon medals under her belt. She has over 10 years of drama experience and now works as a yoga teacher with her popular underground Yogahood classes. Last year after feeling frustrated with the lack of diversity in yoga settings and tight hamstrings, she decided to do something about it. She now brings her signature afro, big smile and good vibes to the mat in the hope of bringing yoga to the people dem. 


Steffy White is a talented 500-hour advanced yoga teacher, teaching Rocket Yoga, Mandala flow, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Meditation and Chakra philosophy.  Steffy is based in London and is the founder of White Light Yoga – unforgettable retreats for mind, body and soul. White Light Yoga has a focus on community and uplifting one another, with workshops, retreats and gatherings around the world, this beam of White Light is on a mission to share beautiful moments to uplift your life and help you connect to your authentic self. We’re looking forward to welcoming Steffy to sweatlife to sprinkle some of her magic.


Stewart first gained his qualification as a yoga teacher through yogahaven and has since become certified as a 300hr Jivamukti teacher. He teaches vinyasa based classes that can accommodate all levels of experience. He also has an interest in the practice of Yin yoga and the benefits that can be gained by complimenting this with a more dynamic practice. Awareness of breath, mindful movement and intention, hold a strong focus in his classes. All of which is held lightly and playfully. 



Nico Luce has been practicing and teaching yoga since 2003 and has trained in various lineages such as Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara, Yin and Pilates. He is also a devoted student of eastern philosophy and spirituality which he weaves into the physical practice to create a profound transformational experience. Bringing meaning to the practice and attention to refined bio-mechanics are at the heart of his teachings. Nico and his family live in Switzerland from where he travels internationally teaching workshops, retreats and Teacher Trainings.


Leo is a sound healer, therapist, and a composer born in Switzerland in 1989. He has trained with Grand Gong master Don Conreaux, and is still learning to this day, through the practice of a combination of Kinesiology and Kundalini. 


Discovering yoga while training as an actor and using it in his career in movement and physical theatre, Will’s yoga adventures have taken him to Bali and India to learn yoga and the study of Ayurveda.  With a fun and playful teaching style, Will's classes are strong, upbeat and lively.



Deeply inspired by her love of hip-hop and fresh beats, the mission is to teach a new generation of urban meditators how to live a more peaceful life without having to escape to a desert island or pay for an expensive retreat.  Catch her in the Gyal Flex - Hip Hop Yoga & Meditation with Sanchia 





Whether you’re zenning out in a gong bath, meditating on the move, or realizing you’re your personal vision and goals are, this is the stuff that brings dreams to fruition. Design the life that makes you wake up each day pinching yourself. Because sweet dreams of made of these. 




With lululemon

Think about your future. What do you really want? Join us and set your intention.  Vision and goals program is designed to support you in creating intention for living your life and a life that you love. It's about defining what is authentically important for you and then setting out to make it happen. The program provides direction, techniques, and resources for you. A fun, inspiring workshop to exercise your goal smashing muscles. 



Mind Body Bowl: Finding our own 'Balance' 

We all look for a great sense of balance in our lives - but what does that really mean? Using methods and discussions as in her new book, Mind Body Bowl, Annie will signpost and outline how to connect the dots for ourselves in order to find a dynamic and holistic approach to finding our individual best sense of wellbeing.



How your body talks

How do you feel about your body? Disconnected? Unhappy? Stressed? Critical? Me too - certainly in parts! Your body is beautiful. Embrace every curve, every wrinkle, every scar, every mark. These are all symbols of who you are and what you’ve made it through. 

Learn tools to help you better hear your body. To become more connected, more present. Start living your life, not running away from it!



Breathe yourself better

Michael Townsend Williams shares his journey from alcoholic adman to yoga teacher, author and entrepreneur. Insights into the power of breathing to help us feel better, think better and do better. Practical ways to calm the mind, find focus and get stuff done.



How to craft your dream business or career - today!

Whether you want to start a business or kickstart a career in wellness, it's all about having the right tools, mindset and support. Let's explore what is stopping you from turning your passion for wellbeing into a dream career, and how you can take action today on behalf of your dreams! Anything is possible for you – and I'm going to show you exactly how to achieve it!


How I built my body and mindset

Having worked hard and worked out hard, I understand how achieving your goals in 2017 can be tough. I’ll share the lifestyle changes and workouts that have made the biggest difference inside and out.



On Confidence

The difference between success and failure often hangs on a humiliatingly small and elusive trait that standard education never touches: confidence.We so often lack confidence because we implicitly regard its possession as a matter of slightly freakish good luck. We believe we are stuck with the confidence levels we were born with, but as this class shows, the opposite is true. Confidence is not a gift from the gods, but a skill that can be learned. It is a skill founded on a set of ideas we have about the world and our natural place within it.We leave the class equipped with a range of confidence-inducing ideas to allow us to escape the shackles of excessive hesitancy and compliance. We are schooled in the art of confidence.



Chasing Lights Collective mindful movement

Join Chevy Rough, founder of run crew ChasingLights Collective for a discussion on mindfulness and movement. Chevy’s life is focused on human performance and mindfulness, helping people connect the dots of exploring fitness to make change, and how to approach training mindfully, while making holistic changes to keep moving, including life and career goals.



A language of movement: Why sitting down destroys you

If you've watched Roger's TED talk which was in the 'top 5 most watched TED talks last year', you'd have been introduced to a concept called 'movement first philosophy' which left the audience with a taster of how to apply it to their bodies. Now Roger's back, exclusively for lululemon to provide long term solutions for living a life of child like movement. Prepare yourself for hard hitting statistics and instant strategies in a step by step guide to the practise of human movement.



Run Workshop by Vince Ciolino and Nick Quinton

Vince and Nick believe that through analysis and simple effective drills we can discover our authentic running selves and achieve our goals of effortless, pain free, enjoyable running. Understanding movement patterns through analysis and feedback is at the core of Go Run Right’s ethos to set you on the path to good form running, based on minimalist principles to reprogram bio-mechanics and allow people to become more natural runners. Join us to get the analysis and tools to exponentially improve your running.


Performance Nutrition: How to fuel your workout

For years the World’s best athletes have focused on their nutrition to enable them to perform at their best. The principles behind this way of eating are called ‘Performance Nutrition’ and can help you get the most from your workout too. Performance Nutrition is the first way to personalise your eating based on your goals and activity - and most importantly to fit your lifestyle. Different types of activity require different foods to fuel the body most effectively. But it’s not just what we eat – the time we eat can make the body more efficient; leaner, fitter, and energy levels higher. In this talk James will be introducing you to the principles of Performance Nutrition – and how to tailor your nutrition to achieve more from your training and lifestyle.




Find time to meditate with our ambassadors

Take a moment to stop, drop and meditate throughout your day at Sweatlife. The Om the Move meditation bus has been designed to take you to a place of peace and serenity - all within our transformed double decker bus! Allow the yoga teachers of the festival to guide you through a 10-15 minute session.